PAY PER PLAY - Usage Based Billing From $0.25 $0.15 /HR. Servers in USA, UK, EU.

Instant Server Deployment

All Servers are set up thru automated process instantly with our custom OS once payment is received.They are fully managed with Minecraft and McMyAdmin available as standard.

High Performance Servers

All servers come equipped with McMyAdmin 2 Enterprise Edition - Allowing for easy mod control, server administration, map setup, and backups at the click of a button.

FTP, SSH & Full Root Access

With full root access, your server is yours to control - from setting up a website, to running your own Mumble server, or accepting donations for your Minecraft Server.

Minecraft, McMyadmin Enterprise Panel

Along with Minecraft, we provide McMyAdmin Enterprise license which is popular and easy to use Minecraft web admin panel. The license alone costs $16 retail, making us premium minecraft server hosting provider at unbeatable and rock bottom prices.

Dedicated VPS, IP, VPS Admin Panel - No Ports!

With RedstoneHost, you have your own Virtual Dedicated Server - you're not clumped on one shared server as with other hosts. Besides guaranteeing the best performance on the market, you will have Dedicated IP-no typing port numbers to connect and no sharing of server with others. We provide VPS Admin Panel that makes server administration easy.

Burst RAM

We provide Burst RAM, 20-50% above the RAM alloted for the server.This makes gameplay seemless during peak times and when several players login at the same time and unexpected spikes hit the load.

RAMDisk Powered

RAMDisk means your files are loaded directly from RAM than hard drive. This means Minecraft World and Mods will load 40x faster than standard hard drive & 3x faster than SSD,eliminating chunk errors & loading lag-all handled under the hood, without any configuration by you.

Free Backups

McMyAdmin handles all your backups automatically - you can back up, roll back and download your map and data whenever you wish, absolutely free!!

FTP, SSH Access and 100Mbps Speed

All servers come standard with full FTP/SSH access along with your own (VPS) admin panel and root account. At 100Mbps, on our co-location multi-gigabit network, even users playing from opposite sides of the globe still maintain flawless connection speeds.

Server Hosting Plans

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1 - 16
1 - 32
1 - 64
1 - 80
1 - 100
Dedicated RAM
1 GB
2 GB
3 GB
4.5 GB
6 GB
Burst RAM
1.5 GB
2.5 GB
4 GB
5.5 GB
8 GB
Server Type
Sample Usage
Vanilla Minecraft
Basic Mods
Advanced Mods
Most Mods
Hardcore Mods
Website Hosting

RedstoneHost is actively involved in minecraft server hosting for universities, schools. We are a proud sponsor of minecraft servers to several schools for programmes, courses and initiatives in Minecraft, Modeling, 3D Game design etc. If your school is teaching Minecraft / Modeling related courses, we would like to partner with you. Please write about your program details to [email protected]
These are some pictures from a school using our sponsored servers.

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